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midi keyboard + jackd + debian

I finally managed to use my M-Audio 88es from the command line


apt-get install fluidsynth
apt-get install jackd2

this should have installed everything you need (dependencies too)

on the CLI (you will need 3 terms)

term 1

jackd -d alsa --period 128 --device hw:0 --rate 44100

term 2

fluidsynth --server --audio-driver=jack --connect-jack-outputs /usr/share/sounds/sf2/FluidR3_GM.sf2

term 3

aconnect -o -l
aconnect 24:0 128:0
aconnect -d 24 128


here and here

the p.bass

Music that’s not relevant, old Brit bands that no one listens to. Canadian bands that were not a commercial success. Talented and misunderstood musics, particularly the discrete ones, playing the discrete instrument, the underlying force under the volcano. This is my tribute to all bassist that made it.