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bike and the meaning of impossible

Early morning today I realized that “impossible” is a tricky word.
For most of the people I know, the simple fact of riding 15km in the snow in a bike will not necessarily kill them, but should eventually end up very badly.
For myself, a year ago, 7 km under the snow started badly, I felt before doing my first km.
This morning I did 15km, no accident, no incident, no news. Just a little bit cold for my feet.

I’ve learned that if you train hard, results will come one day.
Aim at a goal, don’t give up.

impossible is meaningless
impossible is meaningless

Bike Fools

What annoys me of people who ride bikes to go to work/university:

  1. That I, myself also ride a bike.
  2. They don’t wear helmets
  3. They ignore traffic signals (Ignore in the sense of ignorance rather than indifference)
  4. They ignore everyone else including decent bikers like me
  5. They behave like (Gosh it hurts to write it) people in cars :'(

bike trip: paris – honfleur

Cities: paris – magnanville – manthelon – brionne – honfleur – trouville – lisieux

paris – magnanville : 78 km
magnanville – manthelon : 68 km
manthelon – brionne : 51 km
brionne – honfleur : 61 km
honfleur – trouville – lisieux : 70 km ?

Places where we stayed
magnanville: Hotel Eclipse
manthelon: friend’s house (aunt and uncle of a friend of mine)
brionne: coeur de lion
honfleur: hotel Lutea