3 thoughts on “bike lanes in paris”

  1. Hey ! I am the fellow commuter from this morning, thanks for sharing this !
    Just a question, why are some plates fuzzy ?
    You need to create a mobile app or a simple website so every one could send pictures like this to your dropbox or somewhere else.

    BTW : Like your project about the RaspberryPi, I was going to do quite the same project in a while (long overdue todo list :p)

    Maybe I’ll see you on the road, I take this one every day back and forth.


  2. Hello,

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    I’m already working on bike-web related projects, gps.dragon-tortuga.net is one of them, it allows to share gps tracks for bike friendly roads, I have a stupid bug and not time to fix it (my TODO list is closer and closer to infinite ).

    The blurred plates is because I don’t know if I have the right to show them.
    Once I got this solved, I’ll put online my site to publish bike lane pictures 😉

    See you on the road!

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