grayscale #pylepton images to fake colors | #infrafred #thermography #imagemagick – #FLIR #Lepton

images come from the Flir Dev Kit bought from Coolcomponents.

First, in order to map the grayscale to colors, we need to generate a gradient.
This is how I did it, using ImageMagick.

convert xc:black xc:red xc:yellow xc:green1 xc:cyan xc:blue xc:white +append -filter Cubic -rotate 90 -resize 20x80\! gradient_IR_rainbow.jpg

this new gradient works like a charm

convert xc:white xc:yellow xc:red xc:green xc:cyan xc:blue xc:violet xc:black +append -filter Cubic -rotate 90 -resize 20x80\! gradient_IR_4-rainbow.jpg

Once you have the canvas gradient, you can use apply it to each image.

convert -verbose bike.png \( gradient_IR_rainbow.jpg -flip \) -clut -resize 500% fc_bike.png

Here are some of the images:

bikes1   fc_bikes1



bikes2  fc_bikes2



laptop-back1  fc_laptop-back1



laptop-front1  fc_laptop-front1



neighbor-house  fc_neighbor-house




4 thoughts on “grayscale #pylepton images to fake colors | #infrafred #thermography #imagemagick – #FLIR #Lepton”

  1. Hello , Can i ask you a little question?I have a problem.I brought RaspberryPi 3 and used for thermal image.I used commend (pylepton_overlay -a 255) and I got thermal images with black and white.But i want to see thermal image with colors .How can i get thermal images with colors?I need your help.Help me please.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I just test Raspberry Pi 3 FLIR Dev Kit. I’m beginner in Linux. I want to change Lepton camera black and white to color images. And i want to display temperature (deg C). What i need to do for this? Please help me.

    Zin Min Oo

  3. Hello,

    I still haven’t done temperature measurements with the Lepton.
    No time until next year.

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