raspberry pi & telescope


  • Raspberry Pi model 2
  • TFT touchscreen
  • Adafruit TFT/camera Soft
  • Raspberry Pi camera module
  • Celestron First Scope
  • USB tablet charger
  • Disclaimer

     This is a _really_ low cost astrophotography device implementation, simple to build and not intended to do complicated (i.e. long exposition, tracking) photography. My main inspiration to build it was my nephew ;) ) 

    What we got is:

    rpi and celestron

    And what we see is:
















    source for TFT
    source for Adafruit software


  • how to fix the USB chager to the telescope (Hint: velcro)
  • how to fix the R-Pi to the telescope (Hint: see the rubber bands in the picture?)
  • how to fix the Pi Noir to the eyepiece (Hint: look too previous methods) DONE
  • I found this article that gave me the idea.

    12 thoughts on “raspberry pi & telescope”

    1. It would be helpful if you gave a detailed description of the setup and closeup photos of how you attached everything, especially of the PiCam connected to the eyepiece. I’m definitely interested in doing something similar, and want to get an idea of anything I haven’t considered, especially any difficulties you may have experienced, or easy solution you found for attaching the PiCam to the eyepiece.

      Also, you mention Adafruit Soft. Could you elaborate?

    2. Hello,

      I have very little or almost no time for blogging this year.
      Expect a big update on the RaspberryPi+telescope article in the following days.


    3. If you captured a stream of images (video) then used Registax the images can be compiled to make a really sharp image. Used to use it with a 640×480 webcam and got amazing results.

    4. I would be really interested in more info about this! Currently relying on camera phone with my telescope!

    5. Hello,
      I started using my phone camera too.
      Now I guess I need a better telescope 🙂
      I’m searching for a 3D printer to build a better mount for the raspberry-pi’s camera.

    6. Hey would you be able to send me some more info on what you did here? I’m going to build a bigger version of this for my gr.11 computer engineer class, do you mind helping me out???

    7. Hello,

      Please check my reply to the original post.
      Pictures were not specifically from the eclipse.

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